How Do You Remove Eye Makeup?

How Do You Remove Eye Makeup?

Remove eye makeup by soaking the lashes and eyelid in eye makeup remover then wiping the area clean with a cotton pad. You need cotton pads and eye makeup remover or presoaked eye makeup removal pads.

  1. Soak the lashes and lid

    If you're not using a presoaked eye makeup removal pad, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover, then hold it to the eye for 10 to 60 seconds to allow the makeup time to dissolve. Don't use cotton balls, which tend to leave little fibers behind.

  2. Wipe the lashes and lid clean

    Wipe the eyelid and lashes downward in one motion to remove the makeup. Most of the makeup should come off on the pad.

  3. Clean up makeup under the eye

    Some mascara and other makeup is likely to end up under the eyes after the initial wipe. Use the same cotton pad or a fresh one to clean up the area. Repeat on the other eye.