How Do You Remove Dreadlocks Without Actually Cutting Hair?

To remove dreadlocks without cutting hair, soak your hair in hot water with a wax-removal product for 10 to 30 minutes or until the wax begins to loosen. Wash your hair. Work a large amount of high-quality conditioner through your dreadlocks, and pull each dreadlock apart slowly with a strong comb.

  1. Remove large knots

    Use your fingers or a strong comb to break up any large clusters or knots. Work slowly, and take care not to rip your hair. Separate your dreads as much as possible by hand.

  2. Soften the dreadlocks

    Buy a dreadlock-removal kit that includes a wax-removal shampoo and a conditioner. Wet your hair, and work the shampoo through your dreadlocks, taking care to coat your entire head. Fill a bathtub or a 5-gallon bucket with water that is as hot as you can stand. Let your head soak for 10 minutes. Work the dreadlock removal conditioner through your hair.

  3. Separate the dreadlocks

    Separate one dreadlock at a time from the rest of your hair. Pull the other dreadlocks back, and clip them on top of your head. Use a strong comb to poke a hole through the bottom of the dreadlock, and pull through the dread to the end in a slow motion. Do the same all the way up the dread to loosen the knots, working in small increments. Carefully comb through the hair, starting from the bottom and working up. Repeat the process on each of your dreads, using conditioner to provide extra lubrication.