How Do You Remove Your Car Window Tint?


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Remove car window tinting film by softening it and scraping it away with a stainless steel razor blade. Once the tinted film is removed, scrub remaining adhesive from the car window with ammonia and steel wool. Window tint removal is best accomplished on a hot sunny day, says TintCenter.com.

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How Do You Remove Your Car Window Tint?
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Window tinting film removal requires black plastic trash bags, undiluted ammonia in a spray bottle, soapy water and super-fine steel wool. You also need a paper face mask, razor blades, paper towels and glass cleaner.

Begin by cutting black trash bags into shapes to fit the inside and outside of the car windows. Moisten the outside of the windows with soapy water, and press the trash bag pieces against the wet windows until they stick. When you do this on a hot day, the sunshine warms the bags and hastens the film softening process.

Wear a paper mask as you spray the inside of the windows with undiluted ammonia, because the smell can be quite powerful. Once the window is wet, immediately press a sheet of trash bag against the window so that it adheres. Exit the vehicle, and leave it parked in the sunshine. After one hour, re-enter the vehicle, and lift a corner of the film. It may come off in one piece. If it does not, use a razor blade to scrape the softened film from the glass. Once all adhesive is removed, clean the window with glass cleaner and paper towels.

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