How Do You Remove Calluses From Feet?

How Do You Remove Calluses From Feet?

To remove foot calluses, apply an overnight apple cider foot mask, soak the feet in diluted baking soda, scrub them, dry them, and apply cornstarch. This process requires apple cider, bread, a bowl, plastic wrap, a bucket, water, baking soda, a pumice stone, towels and cornstarch.

  1. Apply an apple cider foot mask

    Put a slice of bread into a bowl, cover it with apple cider, and soak it for several hours. Mash the bread into a paste, spread it over the calluses, and cover the feet in plastic wrap. Leave the foot mask on overnight, then unwrap the feet, and rinse them.

  2. Soak the feet in diluted baking soda

    Fill a bucket with warm water, add a cup of baking soda, and soak the feet in the solution for 30 minutes.

  3. Scrub the calluses with a pumice stone

    Lift the feet out of the bucket, and scrub the calluses with a pumice stone. Rub the feet until the callused areas turn pink, then rinse the skin.

  4. Dry the feet

    Dry the feet thoroughly with a soft towel. Work the edge of the towel between the toes to ensure that no moisture remains.

  5. Dust the feet with cornstarch

    Empty the bucket, hold one foot over it, and dust the foot with cornstarch. Repeat with the other foot, then rinse the bucket.