How Do You Remove Brassiness From Hair?

The easiest way to remove brassiness from hair is to use a purple-toned shampoo. Each 10-minute treatment requires purple shampoo, a clean towel, hair conditioner and a hairbrush. You also need access to a shower.

  1. Brush your hair

    Remove all hair accessories, and brush your hair. Turn on your shower, and adjust the water to the hottest comfortable setting.

  2. Wet and shampoo your hair

    Step into the shower, and wet your hair. Dispense a liberal amount of purple-toned shampoo into your hands, and work it through your hair. Let the shampoo sit on your hair as you wash the rest of your body.

  3. Rinse and condition your hair

    Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Apply a nourishing conditioner. Let the conditioner work for three minutes, reduce the water temperature to lukewarm, and rinse your hair. When the water runs clear, give your hair a final rinse in cool water. This seals the cuticle and helps your hair retain the shampoo pigments.

  4. Comb your hair

    Turn off the water, and wrap your hair in a soft towel. Press on the towel to remove excess moisture from your hair, then step out of the shower. Remove the towel, gently brush your hair, and proceed with your normal styling routine.