How Do You Remove Blood Stains From Children's Clothing?


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Some common items that can remove blood stains from children’s clothes include vinegar, cola, WD-40 and cornstarch. Blood stains are very difficult to remove after they set in and should be treated as quickly as possible.

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Full-strength white vinegar is a common method to treat blood stains. Pour vinegar directly onto the stain, let it soak for five to 10 minutes, and then blot the stain thoroughly with a towel. Repeat the process if necessary before washing the stained garment.

Cola is a useful solution for treating blood stains outside of the home. Rather than waiting until more common cleaning solutions are handy, immediately pour cola onto a bloodied piece of clothing and let it soak into the stain. For best results, let the soda stay in overnight before washing the clothing.

WD-40 is another unconventional household item that can be used to remove blood stains. Spray the stain with the WD-40 before putting the clothing into the washing machine, and the solution will help the blood come out easily in the wash.

A paste of cornstarch and cold water can also help get out blood stains. Rub the paste onto the stained area, and then set the garment to dry in direct sunlight. Let the paste dry before brushing it off, which should remove the stain.

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