How Do You Remove Black or Dark Marks on Skin?

How Do You Remove Black or Dark Marks on Skin?

Remove black or dark marks on skin with solutions formulated to exfoliate skin and fade darker discolorations. These solutions are available over-the-counter.

Unusual or painful spots should always be examined by a doctor before using home remedies.

Step 1: Fading creams

Over-the-counter fading creams containing hydroquinone help to fade black or dark marks on the skin. Focus the application directly on the spots to avoid bleaching skin that is not marked.

Step 2: Apply sunscreen

Dark marks on the skin are exacerbated by sun exposure, and fading creams make skin more sensitive to the sun as well. Apply sunscreen liberally before going outside.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Use chemical or mechanical exfoliation to both help to remove layers of the skin and fade dark spots faster. Chemical exfoliants typically include acids that help to loosen skin cells. Mechanical exfoliants include scrubbing creams, loofahs and even washcloths and warm water.

Step 4: Lemon juice

Apply lemon juice directly to spots helps to both fade them and to exfoliate the affected skin.

Step 5: Moisturize skin

Dark or black marks on the skin, as well as remedies to remove them, dry the skin. Keep skin moisturized to help it heal more quickly and feel refreshed.