How Do You Remove Beauty Marks From Your Face?

In order to remove a beauty mark from one's face, one must visit a doctor for mole excision. Depending on the size of the mole or beauty mark, doctors may use excision with stitches or with cauterization. Excision is the process of using a scalpel to cut or shave off the mole. Then, the doctor closes the wound by cauterization (burning) or stitches.

Another mole removal method is punch biopsy. In this removal process, doctors use a small cookie-cutter-like device to punch out the mole and the surrounding skin.

There are also skin creams that can eliminate moles or make them less noticeable. Many of these creams require the user to scratch the surface of the mole before applying the cream. Once applied, the cream penetrates through the skin to slowly burn off the mole using chemicals.

Scarring is always a risk when it comes to removing beauty marks from one's face, and in some cases, even models choose to keep their beauty marks. When Cindy Crawford was a child, her schoolmates called her beauty mark an "ugly mark." She thought about removing it, but her mother convinced her to keep it, and it eventually became part of her signature supermodel look.