How Do You Remove Bags Under the Eyes?

How Do You Remove Bags Under the Eyes?

To get rid of bags under your eyes, support the skin beneath your eyes by correcting the problems related to circulation, allergies or thin skin. Blood and other fluid building up under the eyes are the chief culprits for these bags.

  1. Prevent blood from building up under your eyes at night

    Add another pillow under your head to keep blood from pooling under the eyes. Put a cold compress below each eye for 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning to shrink the blood vessels. Apply an eye cream that has caffeine, grapeseed oil or green tea to build strength in the walls of the capillaries.

  2. Start taking an antihistamine

    Request an over-the-counter antihistamine if nasal allergies are causing fluid to build up in your sinuses. Take the antihistamine as directed, including a dose before bed to keep fluid from building up.

  3. Apply a skin cream that builds collagen

    Use a collagen-rich cream if you have thin skin under your eyes. Add vitamin C to your nutritional supplements, as this nutrient also helps the body make collagen and brightens the skin overall, keeping bags from being as apparent. Apply cream, and allow it to dry before adding a concealer complementing your skin color on those mornings when bags appear despite your best efforts.