How Do You Remove the Back Cover of a Wristwatch?


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To remove the back cover of a wristwatch with a snap-on back, first lay it face-down on a soft piece of material to avoid damaging the watch. Put a small, flat screwdriver or a dull butter knife into the groove between the back piece and the watch. Gently twist the tool to make the back pop off.

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Removing the back cover of wristwatches with hatchbacks is slightly more difficult. Place the watch face-down on soft material. Locate the small slots on the back cover, and use a penny or dime to turn the slot counter-clockwise. Once loosened, remove the back by hand.

For a wristwatch with a screw-on back, place the watch face-down and use a rubber-tipped opener to unscrew it. Gently press the opener against the back of the watch; this gives it enough leverage to unscrew the back of the watch. Jewelers sell these tools at relatively low prices.

Place a wristwatch with a retainer ring back face-down and open it with a retainer wrench. The wrench fits into four small slots on the watch's back, and it is adjustable depending on the spacing between the slots. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise to remove the back. Typically, watch repair kits include retainer wrenches.

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