How Do You Remove Age Spots?

How Do You Remove Age Spots?

How Do You Remove Age Spots?

To diminish the appearance of age spots, a person can try medications, laser treatments, freezing, dermabrasion or a chemical peel, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. Age spots are caused by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays over a number of years. They appear as tan or black spots that vary in size, usually on the hands, face, shoulders and arms.

While age spots may be unsightly, they are usually not dangerous. That said, many people who have age spots prefer to lighten or completely remove them.

Step 1: Try a topical medication

A topical ointment may be helpful in lightening the appearance of age spots. Prescription bleaching creams can fade them over a period of months. Wearing sunscreen helps to ensure the existing spots do not darken and aids in prevention of the appearance of new ones.

Step 2: Consider laser treatments or freezing

Laser treatments or freezing are two options that destroy the melanin-producing cells, which cause the discoloration. Laser treatments usually involve more than one session, while most freezing treatments are done once.

Step 3: Opt for dermabrasion or a chemical peel

Dermabrasion treatments or a chemical peel both involve a resurfacing of the top layer of skin. With a dermabrasion treatment, the top layer of skin is sanded down, allowing for regrowth. A chemical peel applies an acid, which burns the top layer of skin so a new layer can grow in its place.