What Are Some Remedies for Very Dry Skin?

Remedies for dry skin include fish and flaxseed oil supplements, direct application of an unscented lotion or petroleum jelly on a dry area, or blended oatmeal soaks or masks on the dry area, according to WebMD. Additional remedies may require adaptation in daily activities such as swimming, bathing and shaving.

Fish and flaxseed oil remedy dry skin due to the presence of essential fatty acids, which inherently increase moisture, notes WebMD. These can be purchased from most grocery stores. The use of unscented lotion or petroleum jelly moisturizes and avoids irritation in already dry skin.

Blended oatmeal soaks or masks alleviate dry skin through the presence of avenanthramides, which also decrease overall irritation as well, WebMD explains. These soaks or masks are created via a blender or by putting the grains directly into bathwater.

Other means to remedy very dry skin include changing activities such as swimming, bathing or shaving, according to WebMD. When swimming, immediately cleanse chlorine from the skin. When bathing, avoid hot water, which strips natural oils that retain body moisture. When shaving, wait until after a shower, and use a sharp razor and gel or cream shaving aid. This avoids further oil stripping and allows for a lower quantity of shaving strokes due to the pliability of warm, damp hair.