What Are Some Remedies for Extremely Dry Skin?

Remedies for extremely dry skin include cold milk, thick lotions, damp moisturizing, overnight oil treatments and methods for sealing problem areas, according to Prevention. Individuals should contact a dermatologist if home treatment fails.

Because of its itch-reducing, anti-inflammatory properties, milk is a good option during dry winter months. Simply dip a washcloth or piece of gauze into a container of milk, then apply it to the affected area for five minutes. Some milk contains lactic acid, which is also helpful for dry skin, as Prevention explains.

It is best to moisturize while the skin is still damp after a shower or bath. Moisturizing lotions are designed to seal in moisture and prevent it from evaporating. By maximizing the amount of moisture on the skin, individuals can achieve greater results when applying the lotion, as Prevention advises. Oils can be applied at night just before bed. The ideal oils to use for extremely dry skin include cosmetic brands, baby oil, petroleum jelly and even Crisco. To seal in oils in particularly dry areas, such as heels, hands and elbows, wear socks, gloves or long sleeved pajamas over the treated area.

To prevent dry skin from occurring, wash the skin with lukewarm water and mild soap. Those with extreme cases of dry skin should avoid using potent, antibacterial soaps, as Prevention recommends.