What Are Some Remedies for Dry, Cracked Heels?


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Some remedies for dry and cracked heels include using a good foot cream every day, being careful about allergic reactions to certain products and using a pumice stone on rough areas, says About.com. It is also important to consult a podiatrist if the problem persists, as the dryness and cracking may be due to a skin conditions that need treatment.

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A foot cream with urea or alpha-hydroxy acid is best for dry, cracked heels, recommends About.com. These ingredients help remove dead skin cells allowing the skin on the feet to retain moisture better. Lanolin is another good product for the heels, particularly if the cracked areas are rough. This helps create an additional moisture barrier. Using a pumice stone or foot file on the heels and soles of the feet removes dead skin and leaves behind a smooth surface.

Applying petroleum jelly to the heels and covering the feet with soft socks before going to bed each night replaces moisture that is essential for treatment, according to Everyday Health. Drinking water helps hydrate the body thus moisturizing the heels, and using a gentle cleanser on the feet prevents excess dryness.

Severely dry skin on the feet may require treatment with a prescription-strength cream, which only a doctor can provide, notes About.com. Eczema and athlete's foot may also need medical treatment.

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