What Are Remedies for Dark Dry Elbows?


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Remedies for dry elbows include coating them with petroleum jelly, rubbing them with a banana peel, cleaning with gentle skin products and moisturizing with emollient creams. Darkness on the elbows can be addressed by using bleaching fruits and applying fresh aloe vera. In addition, stopping the habit of leaning on one's elbows helps to keep them from becoming dried out.

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Moisturizing the elbows with petroleum jelly before bedtime is an effective treatment for dry elbows. Wrapping them in an old sock or showering with the petroleum jelly still on increases the efficacy of this treatment. Leaning on the elbows creates thicker skin and ingrown hairs; stopping this habit helps to solve the problem.

Banana peels contain anti-fungal and antibiotic components, as well as vitamin C; rubbing the peels on dry elbows has been shown to be helpful. Choosing gentle skin products that don't contain alcohol or acids is also beneficial. Emollient creams keep water inside the skin and promote hydration. Look for creams that contain ingredients such as soy sterol, lanolin and sunflower seed oil.

Various combinations of fruits have been found useful in getting rid of dark elbows. Scrubbing with lemon, lime or orange juice combined with sugar is one option. Others include pomegranate or tomato juice mixed with honey or oils. Aloe vera has also been found to lighten the skin.

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