How Do You Relax Hair?

How Do You Relax Hair?

To relax hair, protect the hair line with petroleum jelly, apply a relaxer cream to 1-inch hair sections, rub each section from the scalp to the tip to remove the curl, and after the wait time recommended by the manufacturer, rinse the relaxer out. Use a neutralizing shampoo, and moisturize.

  1. Stop washing your hair, and protect your scalp

    One week before relaxing, stop washing or conditioning your hair. Avoid scratching your scalp and using rough combs during this period.

  2. Do a strand test

    Separate a small section of hair near the nape of your neck. Rub relaxer into the strand from the root to the tip. Wait 10 minutes, and rinse the relaxer out. Check for any signs of allergic reaction, and do not relax if you notice a problem.

  3. Protect skin and clothing

    Add a layer of petroleum jelly to the hair line, the tops of the ears and the neck. Wrap an old towel around your shoulders.

  4. Apply the relaxer

    Put on rubber or plastic gloves. Separate out 1-inch sections of hair, and apply the relaxer to the hair sections with gloved fingers working from the scalp to the tip.

  5. Rub hair strands to straighten

    Revisit each 1-inch section of hair, and rub and stretch it from the scalp to the tip to gently remove the curl from the hair.

  6. Set a timer

    Set a timer for the time recommended by the manufacturer for processing. Do not leave the relaxer on for too long.

  7. Neutralize the relaxer

    Rinse the hair well with hot water. Apply a neutralizing shampoo, and work it through the hair. Rinse the shampoo out with more hot water.

  8. Condition

    Apply a moisturizing conditioner. Wait 10 minutes, and rinse it out.