How Do You Rehydrate Your Skin?

How Do You Rehydrate Your Skin?

To rehydrate your skin, moisturize from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and eating foods that protect the skin from damage. Apply a moisturizer to your skin immediately after bathing to retain moisture.

  1. Drink plenty of water

    Dry skin is often the result of dehydration. Drink four to eight cups of water a day to stay hydrated. Drink more water if you exercise regularly, are sick or have been sick recently. Avoid beverages that dehydrate your body and dry out the skin, such as alcohol and coffee.

  2. Eat a skin-strengthening diet

    To keep your skin strong and healthy, consume foods such as flax seed, salmon, walnuts and whole grains. To rehydrate the skin, eat spinach. The vitamin A in spinach strengthens the skin and helps it retain moisture. Berries also hydrate the skin and contain vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the skin.

  3. Moisturize immediately after bathing

    Use a moisturizer regularly to help the skin retain moisture. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after showering. Pat your skin dry with a towel, and massage the moisturizer into your slightly damp skin. Also, take shorter baths, and use warm water instead of hot water, as hot water has a drying effect.