How Do You Regrow Hair?

regrow-hair Credit: Philipp Nemenz/Cultura/Getty Images

When re-growing your hair, the key is to nourish your scalp and successfully maintain the length of the hair that you already have. A few changes in your regimen should get you the long, flowing locks you’ve always wanted.

  1. Get your nutrients

    Biotin is one of the most potent vitamins for improving the quality of your hair, skin and nails, as it works to improve the keratin infrastructure.

  2. Trim your ends

    Although it may seem counter productive, to prevent split ends from running up the hair shaft you need to occasionally get rid of the oldest sections of your hair to prevent potential damage. This will help you to retain the maximum possible length your hair creates. Remember, hair always grows back.

  3. Protect your ends (the oldest and most vulnerable part of your hair)

    At night, tie your hair up and tuck away the ends in a loose bun or a few three-strand plaits. This will prevent any unnecessary tangling and keep them moisturized as well.

  4. Stop using heat

    After washing, allow your hair to air dry as often as you can manage. The less heat you use, the less dry your hair will be and the less likely ends are to split. The more heat you use the more often you’ll have to trim your ends.

  5. Deep condition regularly

    Your hair needs moisture to thrive just like your skin does. While you deep condition your hair, wrap a towel or cotton t-shirt over your plastic cap to lock in all the heat and moisture into your strands. Seal in the moisture with a natural oil such as coconut, avocado, olive or jojoba oil.