How Do You Regrow Eyebrows?


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In order to regrow eyebrows, avoid tweezing for at least four to eight weeks to allow brows to grow into their natural shape. It may also be helpful to exfoliate the eyebrow area or use a prescription growth serum to aid in the process.

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When attempting to regrow brows, avoid tweezing hair for four to eight weeks. Eyebrows may take up to a full year to return fully to their natural shape. Stray hairs may be trimmed when absolutely necessary to maintain an ideal eyebrow shape. Consult with a professional for eyebrow maintenance in order to avoid overplucking eyebrows during the growth period.

Exfoliate the brow area regularly to ensure follicle health and encourage growth. Prescription serums designed to enhance eyebrow growth are also a viable option. While these serums are intended to speed the growth process, results may not be noticeable for five to six weeks. Eye creams and lotions should be avoided as they may clog hair follicles and impede eyebrow growth.

A temporary solution to make brows appear fuller is to fill them in with eyebrow pencils. Fill in sparse areas by making short strokes angled in the direction of hair growth. Some salons also offer eyebrow tinting, which creates the appearance of fuller eyebrows.

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