How Do You Refill a Zippo?

How Do You Refill a Zippo?

To refill a Zippo, remove the lighter insert from the case, turn the insert over, lift the thick cotton plug and saturate the softer cotton underneath with lighter fluid. Put the plug back in place, and insert the lighter back into the case.

  1. Remove the insert

    Pinch the case with your thumb and forefinger, and grasp the insert with your other hand. Gently pull the two pieces apart.

  2. Lift the felt plug

    Turn the insert over. There is a thick plug that is secured at one end. Gently lift the unsecured end out using a screwdriver, paper clip or similar item. This exposes a softer cotton underneath.

  3. Add the lighter fluid

    Add enough fluid so that the soft cotton is well-saturated but not dripping. Replace the plug, and hold the insert upside down for a few second to ensure the fluid has fully soaked into the cotton.

  4. Replace the insert

    Turn the insert right-side up. If any fluid is dripping, wipe it away with a clean cloth. Slide the insert back into the case with the flint wheel pointing away from the hinge of the case. Wait a few minutes before using your Zippo to be sure that the fluid settles properly.