How Do You Reduce Stretch Marks?


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To reduce the appearance of fresh, red stretch marks, use an over-the-counter stretch-mark cream or an oil that contains retinoid, collagen or glycolic acid. Apply the cream to the affected area in a circular motion up to three times per day. Visit a dermatologist if the marks don't fade.

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  1. Choose the right over-the-counter stretch-mark cream

    Many products claim to eliminate stretch marks, but not all of them are especially effective. Choose a stretch mark cream or oil that contains retinoid, collagen or glycolic acid. Speak to a doctor before using creams or oils that contain retinoid, as this chemical is not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

  2. Apply the stretch-mark cream

    Follow the specific instructions for applying the cream you are using. In most cases, apply the cream or oil to the affected area and rub in a circular motion. Use the stretch-mark cream up to three times per day.

  3. Visit a dermatologist for treatment

    Over-the-counter products are only effective at reducing the appearance of new, red stretch marks. Once stretch marks have faded and turned white, creams and oils no longer work. If your stretch marks don't respond to the over-the-counter treatment, visit a dermatologist to discuss additional options.

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