How Do You Get Red Out of Hair?

How Do You Get Red Out of Hair?

To remove redness from hair, use a lightener to remove the main undertones. Follow with a blue-based toning shampoo to neutralize any remaining brassy undertones.

  1. Mix up a lightener formula

    Mix equal parts hair bleach, 10 volume developer, shampoo and water in a plastic bowl to make a lightener formula.

  2. Apply the lightener

    Use a color brush to apply the lightener to the hair. While wearing protective gloves, apply the lightener to the mid-shaft. Work the lightener into the hair to create lather.

  3. Process the lightener

    Let the lightener process for 10 minutes. Once the hair turns lighter, work the mixture into the rest of the hair.

  4. Rinse out the lightener

    Wet the hair, and work the lightener into a lather. Rinse the hair with tepid water until it runs clean. Towel dry the hair.

  5. Make a toning shampoo

    Orange undertones typically remain after using a lightener. Make a blue-based shampoo by adding a pea-sized drop of blue food coloring to a portion of the lightener. Apply the shampoo. If the redness still shows, add green coloring to the mix.

  6. Work the shampoo, and rinse thoroughly

    While wearing gloves, work the shampoo into the hair strands. Let the shampoo stand for five minutes, and rinse it out thoroughly. Follow with a gentle shampoo and deep conditioner.