Does Red Light Therapy Work?


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Red light therapy works to improve lines, wrinkles and certain skin conditions, such as acne. This therapy also diminishes the appearance of scarring and improves circulation. NASA uses red light to aid in the healing of wounds and burns.

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Red light therapy works by administering infrared light that penetrates the dermis layer of skin to improve conditions, such as acne, rosacea, scarring and wrinkles. The light delivers energy to the body's tissues, stimulating internal healing. The therapy also soothes joint and muscle pain and provides therapeutic benefits to the body. It may also aid in reducing blood pressure. Patients should expect to undergo therapy for one to three months before visibly noticing effects.

A red light therapy patient must continually undergo sessions to maintain the benefits it provides. If a patient stops the therapy, skin conditions may eventually return. The initial treatment requires daily sessions for a few weeks. This is gradually reduced to three or four sessions per week. After the initial treatment period ends, a patient must undergo light therapy once or twice per week on a regular basis.

Patients usually visit salons for red light therapy, but it is possible to set up an at-home system as well.

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