How Do You Reconstruct Damaged Hair?

How Do You Reconstruct Damaged Hair?

Hot oil and deep conditioning treatments can help reconstruct and restore damaged hair. Fixing the damage happens gradually rather than instantly, and it is best to develop good hair care habits that help avoid future issues.

To treat hair using hot oil, first wash and towel dry the hair. Apply the oil; this can be a specialist hair oil, but olive oil and lemongrass oil are good substitutes. Put on a shower cap, or wrap your hair in plastic wrap. To heat the oil, apply a hot towel, use a hairdryer, or sit in the sun. Once the oil feels hot, remove the heat source, and let it cool to room temperature. Rinse your hair with cool water to prevent build up.

Using a deep conditioner once a week also helps to repair damage. Try different conditioners to see which one best matches your hair type, or ask a stylist if she can recommend any products.

To prevent further damage to your hair, wash it regularly with a clarifying shampoo or baking soda treatment to clear minerals and built up products from the hair. Product build up makes hair look dull and can cause split ends. Avoiding excessive sun exposure also helps keep hair healthy. If you do spend a lot of time in the sun, a hydrating treatment can help minimize any damage.

Avoid harsh shampoos and other hair products, and towel dry the hair carefully to keep it looking its best. Avoid hairdryers and brushes with plastic bristles, as they can damage hair and cause it to break.