What Are Some Recipes for Homemade Body Scrubs?


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Recipes for homemade body scrubs include peppermint sugar scrub bars from Happy Mothering, the lemon and thyme salt scrub from Food + Words, and the simple sugar scrub from Wellness Mama. Most homemade body scrub recipes combine exfoliating agents such as sugar or salt with moisturizing oils or soaps. Some recipes also call for the addition of herbs or essential oils. Homemade scrubs are an inexpensive alternative to store-bought body exfoliating treatments.

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Happy Mothering's peppermint scrub bars call for coconut oil, a melt-and-pour soap base, peppermint oil and sugar, plus mica for coloring. Melt the soap base, add the oils and then stir in the sugar until the mixture resembles a slushy. Transfer the mixture to soap molds, creating scrub bars that exfoliate as they cleanse.

The lemon and thyme recipe from the Food + Words blog calls for kosher salt, almond oil, lemon zest and fresh thyme. Combine the ingredients and store the finished scrub in an airtight container. Take care when using oil-based scrubs such as this in the shower, as the oil may make the shower floor slippery.

Wellness Mama's simple sugar scrub recipe instructs scrub makers to combine white or brown sugar with olive or coconut oil. Add skin-safe essential oils for fragrance, if desired. Vanilla extract or spices can also enhance the scent of a finished scrub.

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