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The basics of a real cowboy's wardrobe consist of a hat, boots, belt, jeans and shirt. The clothing should be sturdy and functional, and everyday attire is not usually adorned with excess trim or embellishments.

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Probably the most important piece of a cowboy's wardrobe is the hat. A felt hat made of a beaver or rabbit blend felt will last longer and look better than a wool felt hat. Quality is important as well, and the general rule of thumb is the more "X's" a hat has, the better. As a guideline, a Stetson 6X hat is considered to be good quality.

Boots are second in importance only to the cowboy's hat. A simple boot with a flat heel and round or square toe is best for the work a cowboy does all day. Boots with pointed toes and higher heels are not comfortable to wear during a hard day's work. As with the hat, good quality is important.

When it comes to clothing, a cowboy's shirt, jeans and belt should be simple and durable. Choose jeans from a trusted brand like Wrangler or Cinch. They should not be too tight and should be long enough, and wide enough in the leg, to fit over the top of the boots. Since cowboys work outside, a long-sleeved cotton shirt is best. Belts should be made from leather with a tasteful buckle and should match the color of the boots.

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