How Are "real Age" Tests Determined?


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The RealAge Test considers up to 125 factors related to a person's overall health, diet, feelings and fitness, according to DoctorOz.com. The test includes questions about exercise, sleep habits, smoking, parental longevity and blood pressure, among others.

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The RealAge Test was created Dr. Oz, Dr. Mike Roizen and other top doctors using the latest medical research, states DoctorOz.com To take the RealAge Test, users are required to log in using an email address to access the online longevity calculator on RealAge.com. The test takes 20 minutes to complete, and is the most comprehensive longevity calculator available, according to About.com

Users should prepare information before-hand and be able concentrate while taking the test because some of the questions are complicated. To get the most accurate results, test takers must have the most recent copies of their cholesterol tests and know their blood pressure. The test also asks for the doses of any vitamins or nutritional supplements to factor in the results.

The test calculates the lifestyle factors that make a person older or younger than their actual calendar age. Once the test results are in, RealAge.com generates a plan that recommends actions to take that may improve health and promote longevity.

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