How Do You Read a Shoe Size Conversion Table?

To read a shoe size conversion table like the one offered on the Zappos web site, start with the row that correlates with your gender, age group and known shoe size, and then read across the row to find the size conversion. For example, if the shoe size in question is a U.S. size, the corresponding row will not only identify the European and UK sizes, but the inches and centimeters accommodated by shoes of that size.

All brands use unique patterns for their shoes, so size conversion tables may not always be accurate. To find the true shoe size, don the socks or nylons to be worn with the shoes and measure the foot from toe to heel whilst standing. Perform a second measurement in the afternoon to accommodate for the foot's natural swelling due to increased movement. Use the average of the two to determine the number of inches needed to accommodate the foot. To convert inches to centimeters, divided the number of inches by 0.39370.

If length and width measurements are needed, use a pen and a piece of paper to trace the outline of the foot. Measure it from toe to heel, and then again across the widest portion of the drawing. Subtract three-sixteenth of an inch from those numbers, as this represents the space between the pencil and the foot during the tracing process. Convert to centimeters if necessary.