How Do You Read Dress Shirt Sizes?

read-dress-shirt-sizes Credit: Pglam/E+/Getty Images

Every dress shirt is labeled with two numbers for easy sizing: The first number refers to your neck size, while the second refers to sleeve length. Understanding how to read dress shirt sizes is fairly simple once you realize this.

Once you've mastered the basics of reading shirt size labels, it's time to move on to actually selecting a shirt. Because no one enjoys wearing an ill-fitting, uncomfortable garment, it pays to measure yourself before choosing a new shirt. Precise measurements provide a more precise fit.

Dress shirts are cut in various styles. Some of the most popular styles include athletic, regular and full-fitted shirts. For a more tailored or slim look, choose an athletic style dress shirt. A basic, regular-fitted shirt is a bit fuller than an athletic cut. If the fit is not listed, most likely it is a regular fit. Finally, full-cut shirts offer the loosest fits and are normally longer as well. Many larger men prefer this style shirt.

The fun part of selecting a new dress shirt is the styling. Though color is usually the most noticeable detail, you can spice up your wardrobe by paying attention to other details like collars, cuff style and pockets.