How Do You Re-Twist Dreads?

How Do You Re-Twist Dreads?

To retwist dreadlocks, twist them clockwise, apply locking cream, twist them again, clip the dreadlocks in place, blow-dry, secure groups of dreadlocks with rubber bands, remove the clips, and leave the rubber bands in overnight. This process requires locking cream, hair clips, a blow dryer and rubber bands.

  1. Twist and clip two adjacent dreadlocks

    Twist a dreadlock clockwise until the hair feels tight and compacted. Apply locking cream to the entire dreadlock, focusing more on the roots. Rub the cream into the hair, and twist the dreadlock again. Hold the dreadlock in the twisted position with one hand. Pick up the next dreadlock, twist it, apply locking cream, and twist it again. Clip the two dreadlocks together so they remain twisted.

  2. Twist and clip the remaining dreadlocks

    Twist and clip the remaining dreadlocks, clipping small groups of them together after applying the locking cream and rubbing it in.

  3. Blow-dry

    Blow-dry the dreadlocks until all of the locking cream dries.

  4. Apply rubber bands

    Gather a group of dreadlocks in your hand, place a rubber band around them, and remove the clips. Repeat with the remaining dreadlocks. Leave the bands in place overnight.

  5. Remove the rubber bands

    Remove the rubber bands the following morning.