What Are the Best Rated Brands of Hair Dye?

While hair color ratings are subjective and differ depending on the preferences of the reviewer, Clairol and Revlon consistently get high ratings. L'Oreal and Garnier products also usually score well.

Hair color ratings take into account ease of application, evenness of color and coverage, feel of hair after application and resistance to fading. Good Housekeeping rates Clairol Natural Instincts the best color for all shades and Revlon ColorSilk best for brunette, red and blond hair. Totalbeauty.com also recommends Clairol Natural Instincts but prefers L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme to Revlon ColorSilk because it minimizes follicle damage. The top pick is Wella Natural Hair Color, a lesser-known brand that contains no caustic ammonia and completely covers gray hair.