What Is a Quick Way to Dread Hair?

What Is a Quick Way to Dread Hair?

A relatively quick way to dread hair is to rub a wool cap in circles all over the head. The proper way of forming dreadlocks involves sectioning out hair, backcombing and twisting hair into locks.

To dread hair using the wool cap method, use a wool hat or sweater to rub circles all over the head. After 15 minutes, knots start forming in the hair. Rip the big knots apart into smaller dreads. Rub again for 15 minutes, and repeat the process of ripping large knots apart. Keep up the rubbing and ripping until all the hair is in dreadlocks.

The wool cap method yields uneven dreadlocks, often with loose hairs. The preferred method for creating dreadlocks is backcombing; this more time-intensive process yields dreadlocks that are uniform and tidy.

To create dreadlocks with the backcombing method, wash and dry hair thoroughly. Section hair into large segments. Create small, square sections out of each segment – the size of the square determines the size of the dreadlock. Use a fine-toothed comb to create knots along the entire length of the hair strand.

After knotting the entire strand, cover it with a hair product such as wax or gel. Roll the strand in a clockwise direction, and secure the end with a rubber band. Repeat this process until all the hair is in dreadlocks. Dry the locks with a blow dryer.