What Is a Queen Bee Tattoo?

The queen bee tattoo represents leadership, power and control. These, essentially, are characteristics held by the queen bee of a hive. Queen bee tattoos are usually chosen by people who would like to create an aura of confidence and style. Those who tend to lead the groups they're involved in typically sport queen bee tattoos.

Most often, queen bee tattoos are worn by women who are rebellious and strong. Some of the characteristics represented by bees include love, affection and wisdom. Bees are also disciplined and creative, and they work as teams in order to achieve common goals. Usually, bee tattoos are designed to look comical rather than realistic. The main colors used for most queen bee tattoos are yellow and black. Individuals interested in sporting queen bee tattoos might prefer an image of a single bee, or they might want an image of a bee and a beehive.

Popular bee tattoos can be grouped into three types. They can be tribal bee tattoos, bumblebee tattoos and the queen bee tattoos. Tribal bee tattoos represent a person's spiritual connection to hard work, team cooperation and freedom. Bumblebee tattoos represent loyalty, industriousness and team spirit. Queen bee tattoos represent power, control, leadership and defiance.