What Qualities Make a Good Micro Bikini Swimsuit?


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A good micro bikini covers as little of the body as possible without causing the wearer to expose herself. This provocative swimsuit style should conceal the genitalia on wearers. On women, the bikini top should conceal the nipples. An ideal micro bikini is a smaller, more revealing version of a string bikini with a thong-style bottom.

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The micro bikini is a daring choice for the pool or beach. Women's styles generally feature a top with two small triangles to hide the nipples and a low-cut bottom with a thin strip of fabric to conceal the genitalia. Because of the lack of fabric and structure, most micro bikini tops offer little to no breast support. While most micro bikini manufacturers focus on women's styles, some also create sock-like men's bikini bottoms.

Swimmers and sunbathers who wish to wear micro bikinis should review the rules of public beaches and pools, as many prohibit thong swimsuit bottoms and other revealing styles. Wearers should also check the opacity of the swimsuit's fabric, as some micro bikinis are designed to be somewhat see-through. Because the suits are designed more for provocation than function, most serious swimmers prefer suits with greater coverage. However, many sunbathers like micro bikinis because they leave minimal tan lines.

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