What Are Puzzle Piece Tattoos?


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The idea of the puzzle tattoo is for friends or lovers who want to have a puzzle as a tattoo. These tattoo designs are unconventional and unique. Sometimes they convey meanings that are personal to the wearer. At other times, they are open to interpretation. Such tattoos can be conversation starters in social gatherings since they generate lots of interest from others.

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Depending on what the puzzle piece tattoo denotes, it can be made of one or more pieces. A good example of this tattoo is the earth puzzle, where it shows the globe divided into puzzle pieces. What makes it look interesting is how the few pieces of the puzzle are falling apart. Even though this design is simple, it manages to cover a big portion of the body. Such a tattoo may mean that the earth's environment is in danger and it's the duty of human beings to save it. Another design that is popular amongst both men and women is the puzzle tattoo with blanks. This tattoo looks transparent but also has a 3D effect. Many people often choose to go with simple designs, such as a Rubik's cube or a cool image created in the shape of puzzle.

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