How Do You Put on a Wig?


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Wearers of wigs need to secure their own hair to their head with a ponytail and pins, and pull the wig on like putting on a bathing cap. Wearing a wig liner can also help secure the wig in place.

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Wearing a full wig is a good way to try out a new look or hide the effects of thinning hair. Putting on the wig is less complex than it may seem to beginners.

  1. Securing the hair
  2. Pull medium length hair back in a low pony tail. Secure ends of the ponytail to scalp with hair pins. Longer hair should be secured to the scalp in several flat pin curls.
  3. Locate the back of the wig
  4. Turn the wig to find the tag inside, which indicates the back of the wig. Hold the wig at the back with both hands in front of the face.
  5. Pull the wig on
  6. Lean forward slightly and pull on the wig like it is a bathing cap. Pull the wig over the scalp until the wig front just passes the hair at the crown of the head.
  7. Adjust the wig
  8. Feel along the sides of the wig for the two ear tabs. These hard tabs should be positioned just in front of the ears. Gently position the wig until the ear tabs in the correct place. Tuck away stray hairs. Brush the wig out to complete the look.
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