What Do You Put in Your Purse?

put-purse Credit: Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aside from standard essential items, such as a wallet, keys and a cell phone, a purse generally contains items needed throughout the day, such as hand sanitizer, hair and nail care items, pain relievers, feminine supplies and first aid products. Additional items might include a snack, makeup, lotion and tissues.

When traveling, it's important to carry and keep important documents in one central location -- often a wallet -- which is then placed in a purse. Individuals often keep their identification cards, cash, credit and debit cards in their wallets. Insurance information and rewards cards can be kept in a wallet as well.

First aid products, such as band aids, antiseptic ointments and alcohol swabs, are useful to keep in a purse. A small pouch typically holds these items so that they are easy to find and not strewn all over the bottom of the purse. Carrying a snack, such as granola bars, nuts or pieces of fruit, is helpful during those times when lunch is postponed or hunger sets in and energy levels wane.

Most women keep feminine products in their purses at all times. At least one tampon and one pad can be kept in a small pouch or side pocket alongside the inside of the purse. When a tampon or pad has been used, it's a good practice to replace it to keep these items handy.