How Do I Put on Pirate Makeup?

put-pirate-makeup Credit: Julie Dennis/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Male pirate makeup should be rough and rugged. Female pirate makeup can also be strong with sexy or salty elements. For either look you need face makeup, black eyeliner and red lipstick or lip liner.

Start with a base of foundation, even for the male pirate. This gives you the ability to blend. For the male pirate, create a shadow effect by blending dark makeup in a goatee or beard shape. Use black or brown eyeliner to create stubble. Use black eyeliner around the eyes for the rocker pirate look. You can create a scar with black or red liner. For a more weary pirate, blend dark color under the eyes to make them look hollowed out.

For the female pirate, apply eye shadow in a dramatic smoky eye with heavy color in the crease and dark smudging near the lash line. Apply several coats of black mascara. You can paint a beauty spot on the top lip. Wear bright red lipstick for the traditional pirate.

For a more punk look, replace the smoky eye with silver eye shadow, electric-hued eye liner and glitter or colored mascara. Also, replace red lips with bubblegum or neon pink. Consider adding a scar to the look. For an authentic pirate effect, smudge the eye makeup and use a lot of bronzer and blush to create the appearance of spending a lot of time outdoors.