How Do You Put a Nose Ring Back In?


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There are multiple styles of nose rings available to fit in a nose piercing, with the most common being the captive bead. Putting a captive bead nose ring back in involves lining up the space in the ring to slide over your nose, threading the ring through and then replacing the bead.

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How Do You Put a Nose Ring Back In?
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  1. Wash your nose ring and your hands

    Thoroughly wash the nose ring and your hands. Cleanliness is important when handling any body jewelry. You don't want to introduce any bacteria into the open area of the piercing, whether it is from your hands or the nose ring itself.

  2. Line up the space in the ring with your nostril

    Align the space in the ring with the hold in your nose to facilitate sliding the ring in place. Sometimes flaring your nostril can help the process, as the space can be more narrow than your nostril.

  3. Thread the ring through, and replace the bead

    Rotate the ring to thread it through your piercing hole until the space in the ring is opposite the hole. Grasp the bead in one hand, leaving the indentations exposed, and hold the ring in the other hand for stability. Pop the bead back into the space. For larger or thicker rings, ring closing pliers may be needed to assist.

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