How Do You Put on Mascara?

How Do You Put on Mascara?

To apply mascara, wipe the brush on the mouth of the tube, pull the brush across the upper lashes, repeat on the lower lashes and separate the clumps with a lash comb. This 10-minute process requires a mirror, lash comb and mascara.

  1. Prepare the mascara brush

    Open the mascara tube, and extract the brush. Wipe the brush gently on the mouth of the tube.

  2. Apply mascara to the upper lashes

    Hold the brush horizontally, and place it at the base of the upper lash line. Wiggle the brush horizontally as you pull it from the roots to the tips. Pass the brush through the lashes several times until each lash is coated.

  3. Apply mascara to the lower lashes

    Stick the brush in the mascara tube. Scrape the brush on the lip of the tube, and hold it vertically. Use the tip of the brush to darken the lower lashes, concentrating on the outer half of each lash line.

  4. Break up clumps

    Examine the lashes in a mirror. If there are any clumps, break them up with a lash comb.

  5. Apply a second coat

    Apply a second coat of mascara to the upper lashes. Give the coat 60 seconds to dry, and then separate new clumps with the lash comb.