How Do You Put on Makeup Like Flo From the Progressive Insurance Commecials?

To put on makeup like Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials, apply foundation, concealer and translucent powder as a base for your face; use eye shadow, liquid eyeliner and false lashes to replicate Flo's eyes and brows; cover your lips in bright red liner and lipstick. This process takes about 30 minutes and requires a mirror, basic makeup and false eyelashes.

  1. Apply the base

    Cover your face in your lightest shade of foundation and use a light shade of concealer. Apply a translucent face powder, then use a peach shade of blush to accent your cheeks. Apply the blush high on your cheeks, close to your ears.

  2. Replicate Flo's eyes

    Cover your eyelids in a very light shade of eye shadow. Apply wing tips to your top eyelids using black liquid liner. Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, draw thin lines out across your eyelids. Repeat this process several times, making the line thicker each time. Draw small, upturned wings on the outer corners of your eyes. Apply mascara and false lashes.

  3. Finish with red lips

    Complete the look by lining your lips with a bright red liner. Fill in your entire lip with the liner. Go over your lips with a coat of red lipstick.