How Do You Put Makeup On?

How Do You Put Makeup On?

To put on make up, begin with your face, then move to your eyes and end with your lips. Start with a clean face.

  1. Clean your face

    Using your favorite products, clean and exfoliate your face. If you prefer, exfoliate using a lukewarm washcloth. Do not forget your lips.

  2. Apply sun screen

    Start with a clean face and exfoliated skin and apply sunscreen. It is recommended that you use at least 40 SPF. Reapply it as it becomes necessary throughout the day, especially during the summer months.

  3. Concentrate on skin tone

    Begin applying your makeup by concentrating on your face and evening out your skin tone. Use tinted moisturizer or foundation to accomplish this task. Apply concealer to cover any dark circles or spots around your eye area, and dab blush on the rounds of your cheeks. Set with powder.

  4. Apply eye makeup

    Keep eye makeup as minimal as possible. Apply light shadow, line your lids, and use your finger to blend the liner. Add mascara. Avoid darker eye makeup for nights and evenings.

  5. Finish with your lips

    Use tinted lip balm to add some color to your lips. It is recommended that you use a shade that is approximately two shades darker than your natrual lip color.