How Do You Put Your Hair in a Messy Bun?

How Do You Put Your Hair in a Messy Bun?

Although the messy bun may look easy to do, the style takes quite a bit of work and requires technique that involves strategic teasing and proper placement of pins to secure the bun to pull off the perfect messy bun look. When a messy bun hairstyle is not done properly, it might look too messy, lack enough body, may be done too tight or just look weirdly off in some way.

The following shows one technique of styling the hair to get the perfect messy bun look.

Step 1: Create a ponytail

Without using a comb, grab the hair and pull it up in a ponytail. The ponytail must be loose. This technique will work regardless of the placement of the ponytail. It may be done high up on the head or low near the nape.

Step 2: Section ponytail

Divide the hair in the ponytail to two or three sections.

Step 3: Tease the hair

Using a comb, tease each section of the hair. Teasing the sections will give the bun enough body and just the right amount of messy strands.

Step 4: Divide hair

Divide the teased hair into two parts and then wrap each part in opposing directions.

Step 5: Secure hair

Secure the teased parts of the hair with a bobby pin about 1 inch from the end of the hair strands to leave the ends frayed.

Step 6: Create volume, if desired

The bun may be given more volume, use the hands to pull it apart gently. Add a few strands of hair around the face to wrap up the look.