How Do You Put on Hair Gel?

How Do You Put on Hair Gel?

To put on hair gel, choose the type of gel suited for your desired hair style, warm the gel in your hands, work the gel from the scalp to the tips of your hair, and style your hair. Let your hair air dry or blow-dry it.

  1. Choose the right gel

    Choose from a light foam gel for a tousled look, a medium-hold gel for shiny spikes, or a thick gel for a slicked-back look.

  2. Wet your hair

    Wash or wet your hair so that it is damp. The gel holds better on damp hair.

  3. Rub the gel in your hands

    Rub the gel between your palms to heat it.

  4. Work the gel through your hair

    Rub the gel through your hair, starting at the scalp and moving to the tips. Create your desired style.

  5. Dry your hair

    To keep your hair shiny from the gel, let your hair dry naturally. Blow-dry the style into place for less shine and a stronger hold.