How Do You Put in Hair Extensions?

To put in hair extensions, wash and style the natural hair as usual. Divide hair into 2-inch sections, backcomb the hair near the scalp, and clip in the hair extensions. Smooth and blend your natural hair into the extensions.

  1. Wash and style your natural hair

    Wash and condition your natural hair as usual. Dry the hair into its usual style, curling it if desired.

  2. Prepare the first section

    Divide out a 2-inch section of hair near the nape. Use a teasing brush to backcomb your hair near the scalp.

  3. Place the first track

    Place the center clip of the extension, or track, in the center of the backcombed hair as close to the scalp as possible. Clip it into place. Smooth the track on either side of the center clip.

  4. Add a track to the next section

    Divide out another 2-inch section of hair, backcombing another area near the scalp. Clip another extension into place.

  5. Place the long tracks

    Make a part from temple to temple across the back of the head. Backcomb the hair near the scalp, leaving 1 inch of hair near each temple loose. Select a four-clip track. Center the two middle clips in the center of the back of the head, and secure. Smooth out the remaining length, and clip the entire track into place. Repeat this procedure for the next section.

  6. Add short tracks

    Separate the sections of hair in the front. Backcomb again, and secure one-clip or two-clip tracks into place. Ensure there is enough natural hair to cover the tracks.

  7. Finish the style

    Once all the tracks are in place, blend the natural hair into the extensions. Adjust any tracks as necessary to ensure they are covered completely.