How Do You Put Foil Highlight on Your Hair at Home?

To add foil highlights to your hair at home, you need foil pieces, a rat tail comb, a brush, hair clips, towels, shampoo and a foil highlighting mixture. The foil highlighting process takes several hours to complete due to long wrapping and processing times.

  1. Brush the hair thoroughly

    Brush hair thoroughly to remove all tangles.

  2. Pre-cut foil pieces

    Pre-cut the foil pieces, making sure there are extra, just in case you need them.

  3. Clip loose hair

    Clip loose hair out of the way of the area in which you are working.

  4. Mix the highlighting solution

    Mix the highlighting solution according to the directions.

  5. Part dry hair

    Part the dry hair according to the desired effect, as per the directions. Begin at the nape of the neck.

  6. Weave each section

    Weave each section of hair using the rat tail comb. Select small pieces of hair to highlight.

  7. Apply the highlighting mixture to selected strands

    Apply the highlighting mixture to the stands you selected. Hold the section at a 90 degree angle to the head, and place a piece of foil beneath it. Starting away from the scalp, apply the mixture so that the section is completely saturated.

  8. Fold foil pocket

    Fold the foil pocket around the saturated hair section by bringing the bottom of the foil up to the top and folding the sides in to the center about an inch.

  9. Time and check development

    Time the development of the strands for 20 minutes after completing the first highlight. Unwrap one of the first highlighted strands and hold a towel underneath. Spray water on the strand and check for lightness. If it is not light enough, dry the strand thoroughly, reapply the mixture and rewrap.

  10. Continue checking development

    Continue checking the development of the strands until the desired lightness is achieved. When highlights are finished, remove foils, rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo.