How Do You Put on Eyeshadow?

How Do You Put on Eyeshadow?

Apply eye shadow primer followed with eyeliner before applying eye shadow for the best result. Start from the lids and build up to the brow using a three-toned shadow.

  1. Prepare your eyes

    Prep your eyes with concealer to hide under-eye circles. Apply one dot at the inner corner of the eye, another under the pupil and a third on the outer edge. Use your ring finger to rub the concealer until it disappears.

  2. Apply eye shadow primer

    Apply a high-quality eye shadow primer to keep the eye shadow in place.

  3. Apply eyeliner

    Use a dark eye shadow instead of pencil eyeliner. Dip a wet, slanted brush in the eye shadow, and apply. Start from the inner corner of the eye, making your way out. Create the line as close to the upper lashes as possible. Apply the liner on the bottom eyes, starting from the middle and working your way out. Use your finger or Q-tip to smudge the bottom line.

  4. Apply eye shadow

    Use a three-toned eye shadow for the best result. Start with a light color and sweep across the lid to the brow bone. Apply a medium color across the lid. Apply a darker color in the crease. Ensure that the colors blend well.

  5. Apply highlighter

    Dab a finger in your lightest eye shadow and apply to the inner corner of the eye to brighten the eyes.

  6. Apply mascara

    Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Start with the bottom of the lashes, and wiggle the brush back and forth.