How Do I Put Eyeliner on My Upper Lid?

How Do I Put Eyeliner on My Upper Lid?

There are several different ways to apply eyeliner. Each creates a different look, from a business-casual appearance to smoky eyes for a night out. recommends applying eyeliner on the upper lid for most of these styles.

  1. Select the eyeliner

    Choose a lighter shade, such as brown, to line eyes softly for a more subtle effect. Lighter shades work well for business, casual and natural looks. Apply a darker shade, such as dark blue or black, for a more dramatic look. Dark liners work well for creating cat eyes and smoky eyes.

  2. Hold the eyelid taut

    Place a finger at the edge of the eye to hold it in place. Pull the eyelid tautly to avoid creases and to keep the line smooth. Refrain from pulling the eyelid too tightly to avoid causing pain or an unnatural look.

  3. Apply eyeliner to the lash line

    Place the eyeliner pencil or applicator brush next to the upper lash line. Start at the inner corner of the eye, and trace the lash line across to create the line. Thicken the line with a wider stroke for a more dramatic effect. Create cat eyes by adding liner to the inside rims of the eyes.