How Do You Put on Eye Makeup for Halloween?

put-eye-makeup-halloween Credit: -Rekha Garton-/Moment/Getty Images

Halloween is the best time to overdo the dark eyeliner and eye shadow. The basic eye makeup that goes well with just about every type of costume is a very bold, thick eyeliner with bold wings, a thick black coat of mascara and black or very dark eye shadow. Using brown and yellow eye shadow creates a deathly look.

For an even more dramatic effect, add some smears of black or dark brown eye shadow under your eyes. Some intense looks call for lines of eye shadow that are meant to look like lines from mascara after you have been crying or after you have been caught in a downpour. This causes a very dramatic and eye-catching effect. This is the time to really over do the eyeliner on both the top and bottom of the eye. Take the eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrow and keep it dark the whole way from the lash line across the entire lid. The sunken eye look is also popular for Halloween; it can be achieved by blending several shades of dark purple together above and below the eye to resemble a lack of blood flow or a black eye.