How Do You Put on Concealer?

How Do You Put on Concealer?

To apply concealer, moisturize the skin, dab concealer over discolored areas, blend it with a flat brush, smooth the edges with a damp sponge, and apply loose powder. This 10-minute process requires liquid concealer, a concealer brush, loose powder, a powder brush, a mirror, moisturizer, water and a cosmetic sponge.

  1. Moisturize the skin

    Apply moisturizer, and give the skin a minute to absorb it.

  2. Apply dots of concealer to problem areas

    Apply small dots of liquid concealer beneath the eyes, around the nose, on the chin, above the brow bone, and over any other skin you wish to brighten and conceal.

  3. Blend the concealer with a brush

    Pat a small, flat cosmetic brush over the concealer. Use small, light stippling motions. Stop stippling when the concealer covers the skin evenly.

  4. Evaluate the results

    Examine the results in a mirror. If some areas need additional coverage, apply a second layer of concealer. To fix uneven areas and blend away harsh lines, dip a cosmetic sponge in water, squeeze it out, and pat it over the skin.

  5. Set the concealer with loose powder

    Swirl a large, fluffy brush in loose translucent powder, tap the brush on the jar to remove excess product, and swirl the powder over the face.